Advanced WordPress Tips and Techniques

Advanced WordPress Tips and Techniques
These Advanced WordPress Tips show you some of the Advanced techniques  that you can use to perfect your blog design, your content, your search engine ranking, your traffic and so much more!
This is a must have guide for people who want to learn more about WordPress. If you have questions about WordPress there is a good chance that this guide can help you address some, if not all of those questions.
Some of the powerful topics included are:
  1. How to deal with the WordPress visual editor stripping out line breaks. How to add a line break to your post.
  2. How to Center a YouTube video (and other embedded content).
  3. How to use plugins to optimize your WordPress site for Google (SEO)
  4. How to increase interaction with your blog’s readers using WordPress plugins.
  5. How to do basic customization's to your WordPress theme AND How to use the Firefox browser and Firebug add-on
  6. How to take advantage of Feed Burner on your WordPress blog.
  7. How to exclude pages from your WordPress blog’s search.
  8. How to customize and simplify your Login page.
  9. A primer on how to use the custom menus in WordPress And much much more …
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